Naama Tsabar

B. 1982, Israel
Untitled (Babies), 2010-2014
Performance, Sunday, December 7, 2015

“This performance features a band of young women performing a song by the British band Pulp on a stage. The band’s lead vocalist, the artist herself, sings in a low, throaty voice, which later evolves into a broad vocal range. Conveyed in the first person, the song recounts a deep yearning for a woman. As the song develops, the artist takes the guitar off her shoulder and begins to bang it against the stage floor. What appears initially as an imitation of a hackneyed male rock’n’roll gesture, becomes, as the scene continues, an ostensibly unrestrained assault, only to eventually crystallize into a powerful independent act, with a separate, inner logic, which opens a conceptual gap in the performance’s structure.” (Hadas Maor, Excerpt from “Sweat”, 2010)