Silvia Gurfein

(b. 1959, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a self-taught painter and multidisciplinary artist. Her work explores beauty as it pertains to art history, music, color theory, the production of objects and the reproduction of images. Her video Escrito en el agua records the prevalence of randomness in organic and human phenomena. She makes present the effect of natural forces like the wind on leaves, water in its various states of stillness and motion, and the act of writing or making a mark — one of our most basic hu- man impulses to a leave a trace of ourselves behind. Gurfein completed her graduate studies in Philosophy and Literature, and the Performing Arts at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. She has participated in Tulio de Sagastizábal’s art clinics and since 2001 has taught a postgraduate degree course at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Her main solo exhibitions include “El libro de las excepciones” and “Temporal” at the Zavaleta Lab Gallery, Buenos Aires, and the Casa Triangulo Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.