Rona Yefman + Tanja Schlander

B. 1972, Israel + 1974, Denmark
Pippi Longstocking, The Stronger Girl in the World!, Abu Dis, Palestine, 2008
Video, 3′ 50″

Since her childhood, Yefman envisioned the Classic children’s hero Pippi Longstocking as her alter ego due to her rebellious character and socially subversive personality. The Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren wrote this fairytale in 1944 to inspire her daughter to understand radicalism and defy the conventions of normal feminine behavior. In collaboration with Tanja Schlander, a sound & performance artist and activist, they transformed Pippi/Tanja into a contemporary female hero. By using Pippi’s own notion that she is “The strongest girl in the world!” Yefman documented Tanja’s absurdist attempts to move the huge concrete wall that separates Israel from the West Bank. This anti authoritarian act was done in a real opposition to the situation at Abu Dis. Though she was dressed as the literature character, the act itself managed to make a difference when noticed by local Palestinians who passed by and encouraged her to keep on pushing.

Courtesy of the artists and Sommer Contemporary art